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Thank you Oscar for the wonderful experience of sharing time again with my loved ones. Also for telling me about my wonderful Granddaughter who was born as you said in September. The evidence you gave from my Mother filled me with such joy knowing we do not die but go to live in a higher place but can still watch over and protect our loved ones .You told me things that was only ever spoken between myself and my Mother I asked her to come back and tell me certain things and through you she did.

Thank you and God bless

Love Kay    (Poole)




Having been through a very challenging 2012 and  having wanted to give up smoking  for ages,  I  plucked up the courage to get hypnotised by Oscar Villegas …….and it was  the best thing I have ever done … and wouldn’t hesitate in recommendingit.

I  was made to feel at ease  from the start and I came out of the hypnosis feeling incredibly good, so much so that the pack I had on me I threw it away in the bin, and haven’t looked back since… no cravings…… nothing, already I feel so much better in myself, no wheezy cough etc, I now feel I can call myself a non-smoker.

 In answer to the above statement…. Yes it does work,  and it is all down to Oscar Villegas, who I owe a very big thank-you to.

THANK YOU, god bless.”

Julie Martin, Bournemouth



 ** Address and phone Number removed for privicy



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