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Naming ceremonies

Spiritual naming ceremonies are beautiful occasions and are lead by a medium of your choice ( If available)
who links with the world of spirit and channels a spiritual name. This name is given to the person as their spiritual name.
This can be done at any age, from babies to adults. Sponsors are chosen, who are there for you through your life to help and guide,
like traditional god parents. This is a beautiful time and can be experienced by all.
They then will be given a blessing
and the candle lit for you. A reading will be chosen, after the reading the medium will honour your spirit with
your spiritual name, which is a very special moment. A tribute will be given by your sponsors and guests,
they will then be invited to present their chosen gift to you, this is normally in the form of a flower, crystal
or something angelic. This will be arranged when you discuss the ceremony with us.

You can if you wish follow this by having a theme, drinks and buffet food can be served.


They do not have to be the dull and morbid affair that so many are, they can be uplifting, memorable, yet respectful.
The order of service does need to be agreed with you, as it will require planning, the chosen words and music, all
these will be required, as any funeral. You can choose from a wide variety of coffins, from eco friendly versions,
paint effects from angels to leopard print, to the standard wooden casket. Your hearse does not need to be black, in these
modern days we are aware of a pink hearse available, the Victorian Carriage with horses, all these a
re available, where the departed wanted something a bit different.


Other Ceremonies oscar can supply

House blessings
House Knowledge
Pet blessings
Anointing of the Sick

If you wish to know more or would like to make a booking, and discuss the cost and details,
please contact the following number to make arrangements.



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