OSCAR - International Clairvoyant/Medium


Oscar possesses an amazing gift -
psychic powers that over the years of
his extraordinary life have brought joy
and comfort to thousands of people.

"Well I come from a very large South American Family. From my
very early days I knew that  there was something about me that
made me different from my friends.

However, this was not a surprise to me because among my family
 there are several mediums but I was not ready to change my
happy teenage days."
"Now that I am an older person, once again I have been given
the chance and have been inspired by my guides to take this step
forward. I have opened up my awareness to the spirit world and
become the medium that I could have been many years back."
"I endeavour to help people by bringing words of comfort and
healing from the spirit world. Every reading is different so
I will give you exactly what the spirit world give me."

Oscar can now offer Past Life Regression, please phone for details or click above for details

Mediums provide evidence to prove the continuation of the Spirit & awareness of our loved ones after physical death.



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